BCS – Notice of Privacy Practices. Terms and Conditions.


The law requires that we protect the privacy of health information that may reveal your identity. The law requires that you are provided with a copy of this notice which describes the health information privacy practices of BCS. The law also requires that you must be notified of any breach should occur regarding your health information. A copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices is posted in the waiting area. You or your personal representative may also obtain a copy of this notice by requesting a copy from BCS staff and/or from the BCA HIPAA Privacy Officer.

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact BCS Administration at 718-232-8600.

BCS provides health care services to individuals and their family members that participate in agency services and collaborates with other health care professionals and organizations. The privacy practices described in this notice will be followed by:

  1. Any health care professional that provides you with treatment at BCS.
  2. All BCS employees, health care professionals, trainees, students or volunteers
  3. Any business associate of BCS (details discussed below)


This notice will the explain the different types of permission we will obtain from you before we use or disclose your health information for a variety of purposes. The 3 types of permissions are addressed in this notice are:

  1. A general written consent which we must obtain from you in order to use and disclose your health information for the purpose of providing you with care and treatment, to obtain payment for that care or treatment, and to conduct our business operations. We must obtain this general written consent the first time we provide you with care and treatment. This general written consent is a broad permission that does not have to be repeated each time we provide you with care and treatment.
  2. An opportunity to object which we must provide to you before we may use or disclose your health information for certain purposes. In these situations, you have an opportunity to object to the use and disclosure of your health information in person, over the phone or in writing
  3.  A written authorization which will provide you with detailed information about the person(s) who may receive your health information and the specific purposes for which this information may be used. We are only permitted to use and disclose your health information described on the written authorization in ways that are explained on the form that you have signed. A written authorization must have an expiration date.

Generally, we will obtain your written authorization before using your health information or sharing it with others outside of BCS, including any use and disclosure with certain exceptions. Except as described within this notice, uses and disclosures will be made with your written authorization. You may also initiate the transfer of your records to another person by completing a written authorization form. If you provide us with written authorization, you may revoke that authorization at any time, except to the extent that we have already executed such authorization. To revoke an authorization, please call or write to BCS Administration.

Exceptions to the Written Authorization Requirement
There are some situations when the law does not require that you provide written authorization before your health care information is used or disclosed:

  1. Exception for treatment, payment and business operations: We will only obtain your general written consent one time to use and disclose your health information in order to care, treat your condition, collect payment for that care/treatment or conduct our business operations. In some cases, we may disclose your health information to another health care providers or payor for its payment activities and certain of its business operations.
  2. Disclosure to family/friends involved in your care: We will ask you if you have any objections to sharing information about your health with your friends/family involved in your care. If you have allowed a family member or friend to be present at BCS for the purpose of participating in a communication during the court of receiving treatment at BCS, it is not always necessary to sign a written authorization.
  3. Exception in Emergencies or Public Need: We may use/disclose your health information in an emergency or for urgent public needs. For example, we may share your information with authorized public health officials of NYS or NYC health departments who are designated to investigate and control the spread of diseases.
  4. Exception if information is completely de-identified: We may use/disclose your health information if we have removed any identifying information that might identify you so that health information is completely de-identified.

How to access your health information: You have the right to request to review and/or receive a copy of your health information. BCS has 10 business days to review and respond to your request.

How to correct your health information: You have the right to request that we amend your health information if you believe it is inaccurate or incomplete. A request must be submitted in writing to the Director and must clearly describe the information that you believe is inaccurate or incomplete. BCS has 10 business days to review and respond to your request.

How to identify others who have received your health information: You have the right to request an accounting of disclosures which identifies certain persons or organizations to whom we have disclosed your health information. In accordance with practices described in the Notice of Privacy Practice. Many routine disclosures that we make will not be included in this accounting, but the accounting will identify many non-routine disclosures of information.

How to request additional privacy restrictions: You have the right to request further restrictions on the way we use your health care information or share it with others. We generally are not required to agree to the restrictions you request, but if we do agree, we will be bound by that agreement.

How to request more confidential communications: You have the right to request that we contact you in a way that is more confidential to you. We will try to accommodate all reasonable requests.

How someone may act on your behalf: you have the right to name a personal representative who may act on your behalf to control the privacy of your health information.

How to obtain a copy of this notice: You have the right to request and receive a copy of this notice at any time.

How to obtain a copy of ta revised notice: We have the right to revise this notice from time to time. If we do, we will advise this notice so you will have an accurate summary of our privacy practices. This revised notice will be posted in the waiting room area.

How to file a complaint: Please contact BCS Administration at 7624 13th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11228, Phone 718-232-8600.

If you believe your rights have been violated, you may file a complaint with us or directly to the Secretary of the Dept of Health & Human Services (HHS) at 200 Independence Ave, SW, Washington DC 20201 or at 877-696-6775